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The Creation of Bindingness in International Environmental Law

ACIL workshop

08May2018 09:30 - 18:00


The increasing plurality of actors and places in the international "rule" making of international environmental issues has drawn much attention in international legal scholarship. Yet, the question of how "bindingness" is created remains underexplored and current doctrines of sources and law-making have failed to provide appropriate evaluative tools and explanatory frameworks. The aim of this workshop is to generate new insights with respects to the creation of bindingness in international environmental law (with a special focus on climate change). Participants will be expected to shed light on the question of the "who" (the actors) and the "how" (the process), that are question usually obfuscated in the dominant theories and discourses with regard to sources of international law.


Jutta Brunnee (University of Toronto),  Daniel Bodansky (University of Arizona), Veerle Heyvaert (London School of Economics), Fuzuo Wu (Aalborg University), Jun Arima and more.


By invitation only.


The workshop will be held 8 May 2018 at the University of Amsterdam. It is organized by Maiko Meguro, Markos Karavias and Jean d’Aspremont  under the auspices of Amsterdam Centre for International Law (ACIL). Participants include experts of international environmental law making from both academia and practice.


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