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On Monday 28 May, ACIL held its annual Research Day at the Industrieele Groote Club in Amsterdam.

The annual research day was a chance for all members of the Amsterdam Center for International Law to meet and reflect on the previous year and the year ahead.

Starting with a presentation by Ingo Venzke on highlights of the previous year, including publications by ACIL members, presentations and participation in events, new staff and societal impact, members went on to discuss the mission statement and the research projects ACIL members are involved in. Following this, presentations of the LACMO, the War Reparations Centre and the Antonio Cassese Initiative discussed their specific work over the past year and their year ahead.

This research discussion was followed and complemented by a lecture by Michael Zürn, the Director of the research unit "Global Governance" at the Berlin Social Science Center (WZB), who discussed his latest work: A Theory of Global Governance and engaged in discussion on building research communities, drawing on his experiences at the WZB and as founding Dean of the Hertie School of Governance, Berlin.