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Results: 541 - 543 of 543
Results: 541 - 543 of 543
  • 8 Apr 2010
    Study Committee report on revision of the Netherlands tax system published

    A Study Committee report on the revision of the Dutch tax system has been published on 7 April 2010.

  • 29 Jul 2009
    Antenne 2008

    New publication (July 2009). In 2008, many in Amsterdam nightlife were harking back to the advent of house music (the precursor of dance) some 20 years ago. Even urban DJs began playing house, creating a crossover ...

  • 4 Dec 2008
    Geloof en Geluk

    New publication (2008) Do young muslims stick to the tradition of their parents, or do they follow their own path? Again the Bonger Institute, instructed by FORUM, conducted a research targeting the trends in the ...