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Research data are data which are collected as part of academic and practically-oriented research in order to answer a research question or to test a hypothesis. All researchers work with data, but what the research data are like depends on the academic discipline and the research method.

Data Management is important because it contribute to:

  • Ensuring the integrity of your research 
  • Increasing the impact of your research
  • Supporting future use
  • Satisfying in- and external requirements

It is important to start thinking about Research Data Management before you start your research.

Research Management Services (RMS)

Since 2022, the faculty started working within the online environment Research Management Services (RMS). This online environment will guide you through the necessary steps for your research project all at once, in the proper order.

The portal is set up in accordance with the guidelines specified by the Amsterdam Law School for Data Management. As a result, by answering only a few questions, you can find out immediately whether a Data Management Plan is required for your specific research project.

If you need to draw up a Data Management Plan, this can easily be done within RMS. You'll find everything you need to know about using RMS for your research on the Employeesite. RMS shows users an explanation for every step they need to complete. For this reason, no separate user manual exists. However, you are advised to contact our data steward first so that you can get started efficiently and effectively.

Go straight to the RMS for the Amsterdam Law School

Short manual for Researchers (RMS)

Tools for researchers

The UvA offers various tools to support researchers during their project, by simplifying the process of generating and processing data.

There are multiple service desks for UvA staff where you can loan audiovisual equipment, free of charge. Including, for example, recording devices or cameras. Read more about AV equipment on load.

The UvA also provides services for the editing of audio and audiovisual materials. At you can find tutorials on working with Kaltura, a UvA licensed programme that can help with editing videos as well as transcribing audio files. However, Kaltura cannot be used for transcribing data that includes sensitive (private) information.

For information on which programs can be used for (transcribing) sensitive data or questions on what sensitive data actually entails, you can contact the faculty’s Data Steward. The Data Steward can also provide information on how to safely encrypt any sensitive or confidential information.

ICT Security

All employees are expected to treat business information (research data, students' personal data, and so on) with due care. If you want to learn more about digital security, please follow this link.


If you have any questions with regards to data management, please contact the Amsterdam Law School datasteward Thomas Gales via

Click this link for the FAQ about GDPR and research, and social media and research.