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The day-long pre-conference 'The AI Act and its implications for Legal Practice' on 16 July will set the stage for ILEC 2024. It will introduce participants to AI regulation in the European context and invite them to explore its practical implications for the legal professions. In a series of collaborative sessions, participants will reflect on how the forthcoming EU AI Act will regulate the future of legal practice.
Event details of The AI Act and its implications for Legal Practice
16 July 2024
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The day will start with a keynote speech by Pietro Ortolani. Subsequently, participants will have the opportunity to choose between two workshops. The first is a ‘legal tech workshop’, which offers participants a deep dive into emerging legal technologies, organized by Rachel Rietveld. The second is a ‘sci-fi prototyping writing session’ in which participants will be asked to creatively reflect on the future of the legal profession. This will be led by Kimon Kieslich. The day will conclude with a panel that brings together representatives of European legal professional organizations to discuss how the AI Act relates to self-regulation, and what challenges and opportunities they expect this new era of digitalization will bring.

This pre-conference is the result of a collaboration between the following partners: the Amsterdam Centre for the Legal Professions and Access to Justice (ACLPA), the OCW-funded Gravitation Program ‘Public Values in the Algorithmic Society’ (AlgoSoc), the Digital Transformation of Decision-Making Initiative (DTDM), and the Institute for Information Law (IViR).

This event is organized by Isabella BanksEva van der GraafLjubiša MetikošIris van Domselaar, and Natali Helberger.

Limited registration space available.

Roeterseilandcampus - building A

Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam