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The faculty winners of the UvA thesis prize have been announced! Out of these 7 winners, the jury chooses the winner of the UvA thesis prize 2024.

The faculty winners of this year are:

Faculty of Dentistry: Max Schoenmakers
The association of periodontitis with cardiovascular disease parameters - a synthesis of systematic reviews 

Faculty of Economics and Business: Maaike van Vulpen
Understanding and Mitigating Algorithm Aversion in Medical Decision Making: A Study on the Role of Algorithm Information

Faculty of Humanities: Marta Pagliuca Pelacani
The Magical Atlas of Italian Sharecropping: exploring the role of storytelling, textiles, and socially engaged art in the intergenerational transmission of memory and heritage within Italy’s illiterate sharecropping communities 

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Roos Metselaar
‘Not Too Different': Doing Resemblance, Enacting Boundaries in Sperm Donor Matching Practices

Faculty of Medicine: Amber den Hollander 
Predicting Hospital Admission among Emergency Department Patients using Machine Learning

Faculty of Science: Heleen Mulder
Scrutinizing the CKM anomaly within SMEFT and using sterile neutrinos

Amsterdam Law School: Ömer Arikan
Mandatory Scope 3 disclosure in the light of disclosure avoidance strategies: Exploring desirable regulatory features and comparing the proposed SEC Climate Disclosure Rules and the enacted CSRD