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The Social Science Research Network (SSRN) contains (working) papers of 500 international law faculties, including 9 Dutch law faculties. Our faculty has its own series on SSRN: the Amsterdam Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series

Benefits of publishing on SSRN: 

  • SSRN is one of the better platforms voor individual researchers to share their work with a global community of scholars. It increases the visibility of the researchers and offers opportunities to quickly join in current international debates. Publishing on SSRN is much faster than the more traditional ways of publishing, e.g. by writing a monograph. The platform creates opportunities for researchers to early on express and claim their innovative ideas. 
  • A major advantage of pushing a working paper is that peers can relatively quickly provide their input and feedback which can improve your publication. 
  • Within the law discipline hardly any quantitative indicators are used to prove the impact of scientific research. The SSRN platform offers one possibility by providing insight into download numbers of publications. These numbers can be used in a resume or in research assessments. 
  • By using SSRN you contribute to the international visibility and reputation of research groups and/or the Amsterdam Law School as a whole. This may improve our ability to attract international talent. 

How to publish on SSRN? 

There are a few steps to take in order to publish a working or accepted paper op SSRN. The Amsterdam Law School has set the following conditions:

  • You can only use your own UvA email address;
  • Register for a User HQ membership at SSRN. It is necessary that all co-authors also have a similar SSRN account;
  • Download and complete the protocol (Word file) and make sure to pick a topic under which you want the paper to be published;
  • Hand in your paper as a Word or pdf file.

Please note: PhD candidates and postdocs need permission of their supervisor or the director of the research group in order to publish on SSRN. Please include the permission (or cc that person) when sending all the necessary documents by email.

Please send your request to email address The Law Library will only process complete applications.