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Grant and research funding support

Open calls

Funding opportunities specifically relevant for researchers of the Amsterdam Law School can be found in our overview of open calls.

Advice & support

Within the ARILS, a special Grant Team has been assigned to support you with:

  • advice on acquisition of national and international grants
  • communicating opportunities and linking grant criteria to researchers' profiles
  • preparation of proposals (from idea to submission)
  • rebuttals and interview trainings
  • organizing workshops
  • match-making: linking you to researchers from other disciplines and faculties
  • sharing experience of other UvA faculties and other universities
  • overall acquisition and research policy & management

Individual grants

From the design of the proposal to the submission of the application: should you intend to apply for an NWO Veni, Vidi or Vici, or ERC grant, you can receive coaching and support during each step of the procedure. This includes feedback on draft proposals and interview trainings as well as workshops on the art of proposal-writing.


You can reach the Grant Team of the Amsterdam Law School by email.


The Grant Team of the Amsterdam Law School consists of the following persons:

Prof. dr. B. (Benjamin) van Rooij

Research Director (ARILS). For matters concerning the Faculty’s research strategy and acquisition management.

Drs. S. (Sanne) Veenenbos

Project Coordinator Research (Amsterdam Law School). For project support regarding external funded research projects.

Dr. O.V. (Olga) Gritsai

Research Grant Advisor (Grant Support IXA UvA-HvA). For advice & support regarding individual grants.

M. (Martina) Chýlková

Research Grant Advisor (Grant Support IXA UvA-HvA). For advice & support regarding (H2020) consortium projects.

S. (Samira) Lafrinedi

Project Controller (Amsterdam Law School). For financial support (budgets). Please contact the Project Controller well in advance.

Grant Support IXA UvA-HvA

The Grant Team of the Amsterdam Law School is linked to the Grant Support Team UvA-HvA, which supports UvA and HvA staff seeking research funding or applying for research grants. This team is part of Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA). Both Olga Gritsai and Martina Chýlková are Research Grant Advisors at IXA.