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All research groups are integrated in the ARILS, but have a large autonomy and have primary responsibility for the research conducted in their respective fields of expertise. The research groups comprise the larger part of the research capacity of ARILS, with some research being carried out outside research groups.

The core of ARILS consists of 9 research groups, as defined under art. 29 of the faculty regulations (2020):

  1. Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG);
  2. Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies/Hugo Sinzheimer Institute (AIAS-HSI);
  3. Amsterdam Center for International Law (ACIL);
  4. Amsterdam Center for Transformative Private Law (ACT);
  5. Institute for Information Law (IViR);
  6. Law Centre for Health & Life (LCHL);
  7. Amsterdam Center for Law & Economics (ACLE);
  8. Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL);
  9. Paul Scholten Centre for Jurisprudence (PSC).

ALS researchers who focus solely on Dutch law are mostly not part of these eight groups and reside under their departments (administrative, constitutional and criminal law under the department of Public Law, and private law under Private Law).


ARILS is headed by a Research Director who is entrusted by the Dean with the responsibility for the research carried out within the Institute and is accountable to the Dean.

Each RPA and research group within ARILS is headed by a research director. Together with the dean, the ARILS research director and a PhD representative, the directors of research groups form the Research Council. The Research Council is concerned with the preparation and implementation of the Amsterdam Law School’s research policy.