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In the sector plan 2019-2024, the Dutch law faculties have committed themselves to reducing the length of PhD trajectories from the current average of 68 months to 62 months after 3 years and 56 months after 6 years.

In order to achieve this goal, the idea is to change the 'promotion culture' within the discipline of law. One of the instruments is to offer more room for writing a doctoral thesis consisting of articles. Agreements on this have been made at a national level, but each faculty has been given the opportunity to deviate from this (‘comply or explain’).

At our faculty, the possibility to obtain a doctoral thesis consisting of articles is not new. The faculty already had a guideline on the subject dating from 2013, and the UvA doctorate regulations has already allowed this for several years. In view of the sector plan, the faculty has adopted a renewed guideline on writing a doctoral thesis consisting of articles at the beginning of 2022.

You can find the guidelines here: